Writing From The Soul

This morning found me taking time to free write using a prompt sent my way by a Jane Brunette’s website called Writing From the Soul. Free writing turned out to be a good jumping off point, a brainstorming session which I combined with another device:dangerous writing.  Portland’s writer’s guru, Tom Spanbaner insists we focus on the very things we’d rather avoid, suggesting that what we need to get closer to discussing are the things that embarrass and scare us. So,  I took the prompt ‘The unknown self’ and went after…gulp…loneliness. I sure don’t want to whine about isolation- how ludicrously embarrassing, and scary to talk about, right? But helpful to both loosening up the writing and releasing the sticky stuckness.

And then…I followed up with Jane Brunette’s meditative writing exercise- whoa, Nelly! New structure came through as if I were channeling a much freer writer! Result: An interview with my Unknown Self (aka US) that flowed in the 10 minute writing session.

An except:


Unknown self: Hi, I’m busy now.

Me: Doing what?

Us: Looking for a way to escape. You’re trying to get rid of me. I’m not comfortable being put on the page.

Me: Are you a sprite? Something naughty?

Us: I’m also your guide and your intuition. Like now, I formed this as an interview when you wouldn’t have thought of it. Also I’m helping you be safe doing unfamiliar things. I operate close to spirit, and close to the ground, too.

Me: Are you mine alone or do you drift like pollen?

Us: You’re not that separate from it all. Nor am I.

Me; Are you trying to keep me away from people?

Us: A little, but I can loosen up on that, if you like. Just don’t throw your whole soul into some dickhead to escape from being cowardly.  We’re all alone. And lonely happens to be a resting state for us. You’ve made it into a pity party. By calling it a wound, you knife yourself. Call it another day of being free, call it the joy of getting to meet people on-line. Just don’t hurt yourself about it. Let it be enough to be you just now, right now.



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